I must work the works of him that sent me...
The Great Commission to all of God's people is: 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.' Recognising that not all Christians can physically go, the question is often asked, 'How can I fulfil the Great Commission?' or 'How can I help further the Gospel to the nations of the world?' The answer is simple - By our PRAYERFUL and PRACTICAL support. Every believer has a solemn duty to 'hold the ropes' of prayer while others go down into the work of Christ. This section informs us how we can become involved practically.
It is the responsibility of the Mission Board to receive applications from missionary candidates, to interview such and to make the appropriate recommendations to the Presbytery.

All applicants must be at least one year in Communicant Membership of a Free Presbyterian Congregation and be recommended in writing by the Kirk Session of their Church. All applicants must be at least 18 years and have the necessary educational qualifications required by the Presbytery for entrance to training at the Whitefield College of the Bible.

Normally after Bible College training applicants can ask for Application Forms and upon completion of them make arrangements to apply to the Mission Board. The Board can ask for outside references from the applicant. The members of the Mission Board must be satisfied as to the call and suitability of the applicant before making their recommendation to Presbytery.
The Mission Board also acts in an advisory capacity to meet Christians who are seeking God’s will for their lives and considering missionary service. After consultation with their local Church Minister and Session first, if an individual still feels it would be beneficial to speak with the Mission Board suitable arrangements can be made to facilitate such a meeting.
As needs arise on the Mission Field the Board may also send out Short Term Missionaries to cover vacant works and to help out. If you would be interested please write into the Mission Board indicating your availability, qualifications and your experience in the work of God at home.

The Board has been able to help some gain valuable experience on the Mission Field already by this means.
1st October 2017 - 31st December 2017
The Mission Board in the past has sent out various work teams to help with projects which need specialised help. Joint efforts have been made with the Youth Council to help young people gain valuable experience of working and living together abroad whilst at the same time helping out in the Lord’s work.

If you would be prepared to go as the need arises the Mission Board would like to hear from you. Then when opportunities arise you can be contacted.
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