...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
We are pleased to report that the borehole drill work on our site has progressed very well, and water has been struck. The drilling rig arrived on Monday and the work commenced, overseen by Mr Eric Graham from our Lisburn Church.

It was a slow process in the early stages, with repeated mechanical issues and difficulties with the drill getting jammed by small stones and shale. By Thursday, the men had drilled about 40 meters before getting to the water table. They are now lining the borehole with slitted pipes to ensure that the walls remain intact, and then they will drill a slightly narrower last section down below the water table.

Meanwhile, some men are building the tank stand which will hold two 5000 litre tanks at the top of the site, giving gravity fed water to the main buildings. Others are building the generator house for the pumping equipment. More photos have been added to the Gallery.

We thank the Lord for His provision and for the success of this work, which will make such a difference to the daily lives of the children and workers at Emmanuel Christian School.
We are delighted to report that the drilling rig has arrived at Emmanuel Christian School in Uganda. Mr Eric Graham from Lisburn is on site overseeing the work, which has now commenced. The foundations for the tank stand are in place and the men hope to start drilling for water on Monday.

Please pray that the Lord will protect all who work on this project and that we will be successful in finding water. Click here to see some more photos.
It was good to finish off this term of school assemblies by visiting a brand new school - namely Millennium IPS situated between Carryduff and Saintfeld. Despite some setbacks and cancelations throughout the year, we have still been able to conduct around 130 assemblies and SU classes. We also have over 50 bookings already pencilled in for the new term in September (DV).

Do please remember us as we move into the summer work with Holiday Bible Weeks in Mourne, Ballymena, Ballygowan and Mount Merrion during the month of July. May the Lord work in the hearts of the children that attend and may many be drawn savingly onto Him.
Things are going well in the church in Alcorcon, and we are growing both in our own congregation and in the extension of the work in Spain. On May 21st, we made history in our congregation, as services on the Lord’s Day have now commenced in the work in Toledo.

Mark Witte, a missionary who came into contact with us about three years ago, is a Presbyterian minister who is working as a missionary in Spain. We share the same Presbyterian Reformed views, and have the same Biblical standards and he is now working under the guidance of our session. A few weeks ago, the session of our church had a meeting with Mark, and we have established a provisional session for the work there in Toledo.

Pray that the Lord will continue to bless the work in Toledo and that many sinners will be saved by the Lord through the ministry of His Word.

I also want to mention another ministry in our church, what we call social work. Over a year ago, we got in touch with the city hall to see if we could start to help some families in need of food. Our goal is to reach those families with the gospel. The city hall sent us six families. Every Tuesday morning we buy some vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs and so on, we prepare a cup of coffee for these families, we meet in the church complex and we share the gospel message with them.

We have also started to get in touch with the youth fellowship of two churches. The young people are very open to learn the doctrines of grace, so we have started to have youth meetings with them, separately so far, but we will try to meet all together the next time. Pray for the young people, as some of them are going very well with the Lord and have a great zeal for Him, but others are not as strong. Click here to see more photos
The Lord’s Day, 30th April, 2017, marked another important milestone in the history of our missionary endeavours in Uganda with the Official Opening of the Free Presbyterian Mission Station at Nsaalu.

Ten individuals representing the Presbytery, Mission Board and Missionary Council of our denomination were able to attend and take part in a special service to mark the historic event. Click here to see some photos

The mission station accommodates both the Emmanuel Christian Church and the Emmanuel Christian School and it was a blessing to see the church building packed with people connected to the church, school and community, including the Local Government Representative or Chairman. Many visitors had walked a good distance while others had spent several hours travelling by road to be present.

Rev. Stephen Miller and Miss Noreen McAfee welcomed all who had come, on behalf of the church and school respectively, and Rev. John Gray led in the opening prayer. The children of the Sunday School and the Emmanuel Christian School Choir then brought messages in song.

The Scripture readings were taken by Mr. Paul Haffey and Mr. Alastair Hamilton while greetings were brought from the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster’s Presbytery and Mission Board by Rev. Ian Kenny and Rev. David Park. Rev. David McMillan and Mr. Eric Graham led the congregation in special prayer to dedicate the mission station, its missionaries, national workers, members and children to the Lord.

Rev. Ian Harris brought a stirring message from John Chapter 21 where the Lord Jesus Christ re-commissioned Peter to feed the sheep and the lambs of the flock and compared his task to the one facing the mission at Emmanuel.

Mr. Barry Stewart then closed the meeting in prayer after which all were invited to remain behind for a time of fellowship and to enjoy the special meal which had kindly been prepared by the ladies of the congregation.

Please continue to pray for this new mission station and for all who labour for Christ there.
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