...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
On 14th July, a group of ten people from Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church flew from Dublin to Liberia for a mission trip to visit Rev Dave DiCanio and Miss Joanne Greer who are currently working in the City of Monrovia as missionaries. The group organised their trip to coincide with the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) which Joanne runs each year in Paynesville Free Presbyterian Mission Church. The team also had plans to assist with joinery work and other practical tasks, including making 18 bench seats and wiring lights for the Junior VBS hall.

The VBS started on the Monday morning and when the team arrived at the church, it was quickly apparent that there were many more children wanting to attend than expected. Two classes had been arranged for juniors and seniors but over 100 extra children had to be accommodated by the Tuesday morning. The team worked to erect a temporary open tent structure for the area outside the buildings and this was used for the reminder of the week. In total, around 350 children attended each day, to be taught Gospel truths. The following week the team also hosted a sports day for all of the children on Liberia Independence Day. Click here for photos in the Gallery

Rev DiCanio has built and launched Free Presbyterian Radio - a new venture for the missionaries in Liberia where they have been granted an FM license and have erected a 150 ft mast and installed a transmitter. This enables the broadcast of Christian radio content eighteen hours per day to the 1.5 million people in the greater Monrovia area. It was a real surprise to hear so many of our own ministers on the airwaves as we travelled across the city. The team were able to be present for the official opening of the station with a live broadcast from the compound.

There was also an opportunity to take a short internal flight to a small Free Presbyterian Mission Church in the interior of Liberia in Charlie Town, Rivercess. This enabled them to see tribal Liberian life and the challenges faced daily by the people in these isolated areas. They were given a wonderful welcome in the simple mud building and enjoyed a local meal of rice and potato plant with chicken followed by cucumber for dessert! Click here for photos of the trip

While it was a really busy time, it was also a time of great blessing, and when the time came to return home, the team left Liberia with first-hand experience of the great spiritual and physical needs of these friendly, welcoming people.
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