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The Emmanuel Christian School, Nsaalu, Uganda, will reopen under the Free Presbyterian Mission Society Africa on 30th April. Ten representatives will be travelling for the occasion, including Rev. Ian Harris (Mission Board Chairman), Rev. David Park (Missionary Council Chairman) and Mr. Alastair Hamilton (Mission Board Treasurer). Revs. John Gray, David McMillan and Ian Kenny, together with Messrs. Eric Graham, Paul Haffey, Barry Stewart and his wife Ruth, will also travel.

Pray for this trip – we want to be a blessing to those we come into contact with. Various meetings have been organised with the School Board, staff, pupils and parents. A Bible Study will be conducted with the staff, another with the Boarders, and a special end of term assembly has been arranged. Local villages will be visited (Kyambala; Nsaalu; Bukulula), also Masaka (the nearest large town), Lukaya town (key source of school supplies) and Kalungu town (local District educational Headquarters).

We will have opportunity to see the solar power installation. The water harvesting system is being installed this week. New school uniforms for the secondary department have been purchased, and various items of clothing will be brought. A new school flag has been designed and printed, and together with a new Ugandan flag will be raised for the opening.

Please remember the Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Miller, and particularly the need for their permit to be renewed for their next three months. Pray for them and Miss Noreen McAfee in this transition period with all the challenges, that the Lord will grant wisdom and direction.

Seven members of the group will continue on with our Mission Board Chairman, Rev. Harris, into Kenya. A Bible Conference will be conducted, various churches visited, meetings held with our missionaries, and a trip to the Christian Academy has been organised.
Please remember to pray for me as I travel about completing my deputation meetings, I am well over half way through them. Pray that God will give me strength to keep it fresh and new and a challenge to the people. I do wish to thank all who pray for me and support me financially. God's work is very much a team work and without you in my team I could not continue on the field. Thank you most sincerely.

I thank God for his help in learning the Nepalese alphabet but much work has still to be done when I arrive back in Nepal. Pray that God will help me with the pronunciation and understanding, that I will soon grasp the rudiments of the language and be able to communicate quickly with the people.

If only all the roads were straight!! Pray that I will be able to learn to ride a scooter. The Christian school in Clogher Valley loaned me one to practise on but I'm not very good. I look to God that he will give me the confidence to master it.

Remember the building project the orphanage is a little behind schedule but God willing they will be able to move in by the beginning of the summer, DV. They have put stone cladding on the front of the building to help keep it warm in the winter, dry in the monsoon rains and cool in the summer. It is a substantially bigger building than the last home and will hold over 60 children. I will have a room to use as an English class room and a reading room for the children. It will be a great blessing to the children to have plenty of room and modern facilities. This delay in moving however, means the work on my apartment has not commenced. Click here for more photos 

Thankfully Wesley and Carol will allow me to stay in their home until mine is ready.
Three months of the year and with it the first term of another school year are over! We are thankful to God for giving us 600 students in the Academy this year again and for all His help and provision. I have had the opportunity to speak to the staff every Wednesday at the weekly prayer meeting, the secondary students each Sunday evening and to the primary for 30 minutes every Friday morning. On several occasions I have really felt the presence of the Lord and known His enablement. I do ask you to continue to pray for the working of the Lord within hearts that souls will be saved and believers strengthened and built up in their faith.

Life in the Academy will be very different when we open the new term, in May DV, without Noreen, who has been part of the life of the school for the past 17 years. We do ask you to remember us all much in prayer especially the School Board who will seek to appoint a new Head Teacher. Remember also our two Deputies who will be carrying increased responsibility until a suitable Head Teacher is found.

We are very thankful to the Lord for the gifts which we have received to assist with maintaining and running of the Academy and do ask you to continue to remember us as it is indeed an ongoing work with ongoing financial needs. 
This week I was on outreach in Omagh along with brother Ryan Smyth and a team of workers from our Omagh church. Two drugs awareness meetings have been arranged by Omagh FPC for the month of April. They will be held on Monday 10th April in the CKS Community Centre, O’Kane Park and on Thursday 13th April in the Hospital Road Community Centre. I would really value your prayers as we go into the various estates on outreach.
Thank you for your prayers and continued support. The five night mission on Manorhamilton in Co. Leitrim saw the whole town and some surrounding villages reached with the gospel through door to door evangelism and gospel tracts. Some unsaved came to the meetings and heard faithful gospel preaching. We hope to return to the area again in the future.

I am involved in another mission in conjunction with our Kilskeery congregation in the village of Ballinamallard from Monday 3rd to Lord's Day 16th April. We are very conscious that we need the power of God to accompany all the efforts associated with the mission if sinners are to be converted to Him
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