...striving together for the faith of the gospel
The Emmanuel Christian School, Nsaalu, Uganda, will reopen under the Free Presbyterian Mission Society Africa on 30th April. Ten representatives will be travelling for the occasion, including Rev. Ian Harris (Mission Board Chairman), Rev. David Park (Missionary Council Chairman) and Mr. Alastair Hamilton (Mission Board Treasurer). Revs. John Gray, David McMillan and Ian Kenny, together with Messrs. Eric Graham, Paul Haffey, Barry Stewart and his wife Ruth, will also travel.

Pray for this trip – we want to be a blessing to those we come into contact with. Various meetings have been organised with the School Board, staff, pupils and parents. A Bible Study will be conducted with the staff, another with the Boarders, and a special end of term assembly has been arranged. Local villages will be visited (Kyambala; Nsaalu; Bukulula), also Masaka (the nearest large town), Lukaya town (key source of school supplies) and Kalungu town (local District educational Headquarters).

We will have opportunity to see the solar power installation. The water harvesting system is being installed this week. New school uniforms for the secondary department have been purchased, and various items of clothing will be brought. A new school flag has been designed and printed, and together with a new Ugandan flag will be raised for the opening.

Please remember the Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Miller, and particularly the need for their permit to be renewed for their next three months. Pray for them and Miss Noreen McAfee in this transition period with all the challenges, that the Lord will grant wisdom and direction.

Seven members of the group will continue on with our Mission Board Chairman, Rev. Harris, into Kenya. A Bible Conference will be conducted, various churches visited, meetings held with our missionaries, and a trip to the Christian Academy has been organised.
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