...the harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few
We are very thankful and grateful to the Lord for our safe return to Kenya. We sincerely thank you all for remembering us in prayer. After saying our farewells to family and closing up our house we left Northern Ireland on Thursday 21st October, flying to London and then Nairobi. We are thankful to the Lord for a smooth journey, especially in this time of pandemic with added paperwork.

We spent the first week in Nairobi attending to necessary appointments with Government offices, though so much can now be completed on line, yet some things require physical stamping etc. During our time in Nairobi we were also able to meet with Rev. Ibrahim Kiarie, his wife Viola and the youngest of their children Zabdiel. Rev Kiarie has been accepted by our Mission Board and the Central Committee of Glory Bible Church to work in a church planting ministry.

We travelled by road to Kitale and on Saturday 30th October, a Welcome Service had been organised by GBC. Representatives from each church were there and brought greetings. Pastor Andrew led the meeting, Mr Stephen Macharia translated, and Pastor Patrice preached. Pastor Immanuel closed in prayer. The meeting was a very African event having been convened under the shelter of one of the largest trees on our compound. The sun shone until nearly the end of the service when it clouded over and threatened rain. During the singing of the last hymn which was “Showers of Blessing” a few drops of rain did fall but did not turn into a shower. It seemed that God was endorsing the sentiments expressed in that hymn and was promising us His blessing in the days that lie ahead
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