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The January 2022 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition carries reports on the Missionary Council Weekend and the Sending Forth Service for Rev and Mrs Patterson. There is also an update on the Book collection and transportation work and a report from the Treasurer. Click Here to view the magazine.
We are very thankful and grateful to the Lord for our safe return to Kenya. We sincerely thank you all for remembering us in prayer. After saying our farewells to family and closing up our house we left Northern Ireland on Thursday 21st October, flying to London and then Nairobi. We are thankful to the Lord for a smooth journey, especially in this time of pandemic with added paperwork.

We spent the first week in Nairobi attending to necessary appointments with Government offices, though so much can now be completed on line, yet some things require physical stamping etc. During our time in Nairobi we were also able to meet with Rev. Ibrahim Kiarie, his wife Viola and the youngest of their children Zabdiel. Rev Kiarie has been accepted by our Mission Board and the Central Committee of Glory Bible Church to work in a church planting ministry.

We travelled by road to Kitale and on Saturday 30th October, a Welcome Service had been organised by GBC. Representatives from each church were there and brought greetings. Pastor Andrew led the meeting, Mr Stephen Macharia translated, and Pastor Patrice preached. Pastor Immanuel closed in prayer. The meeting was a very African event having been convened under the shelter of one of the largest trees on our compound. The sun shone until nearly the end of the service when it clouded over and threatened rain. During the singing of the last hymn which was “Showers of Blessing” a few drops of rain did fall but did not turn into a shower. It seemed that God was endorsing the sentiments expressed in that hymn and was promising us His blessing in the days that lie ahead
Our Sending Forth Service was held on Tuesday 12th October in Coleraine Free Presbyterian Church. Rev. Derek Erwin, interim moderator of Coleraine welcomed everyone to the evening and then invited Rev. David Park, Secretary of Mission Board, to lead the meeting. Following the Bible reading by Rev. David McMillen, Mission Board representative, we were presented with a gift from the Mission Board by the Treasurer, Mr Alastair Hamilton. Rev Leslie Curran (LTBS) conducted the commissioning prayer for Rev. and Mrs. Patterson and Rev. Ian Harris, Chairman of Mission Board and former missionary to Kenya preached an appropriate and encouraging message from Matthew 28, verses 19 and 20. Rev. Wesley McDowell, personal friend of the Pattersons concluded the meeting in prayer.
The work in the church in Alcorcon continues and we are very thankful to the Lord for it. One thing we have seen during the time of confinement is that the young people of our church have been in much need of fellowship with each other and with other young people from other congregations. Now, with the facilities of our new church building, we have been able to meet for worship on the Lord’s Day at both services, and also our prayer meetings in the midweek, for the past year. Nonetheless, the youth fellowship has been one of the meetings that did not recommence. In order to encourage them, we decided to organise a youth rally for the area of Madrid. We did not have much time to prepare everything for that meeting, less than two weeks; but the Lord prospered this undertaking and we had 38 young people attending our first meeting on 2nd October. We are now planning our second Youth Rally and with more time to prepare, we have already given out the invitations for the meetings. This next youth rally will be on November 13th and we are expecting a better gathering than last time, so please pray for it!

I have commenced new discipleship studies with two women a couple of weeks ago. One lady comes from a church in Dominican Republic and has started to attend our services lately. The other one is not saved, but the Lord is moving her heart and she wants to know the Lord truly as her Lord and Saviour.

Among the news, sadly I have to say that my mom fell down a few days ago in her house, and she hit her head and dislocated her shoulder. Thank the Lord, she had a cat scan and the test shows she did not hurt any internal parts of her head, but she has had problems with her arm since her fall. Some of her fingers still feel numb, so she feels a little bit discouraged because of that. I would also ask you to remember her in your prayers.

We have finally been able to get the sign of our church building finished and place it on top of the front door. Now everybody that passes by will know what that building is all about. Between the size of the sign and the great visibility of the area, you can easily see it at quite a good distance.

As a congregation we are now facing a very important moment for us, as we will be electing new ruling elders and deacons before the end of the year. Pray the Lord will give our congregation wisdom and guidance so we will choose the men the Lord has appointed for such a solemn work.

Last but not least, the work in Toledo is also progressing little by little. Last week, we had our first baptismal service, a young man from the congregation there. His name is Marcos and he plays the piano on the Lord’s Day services.

Moreover, we have a missionary from a Presbyterian denomination in Brazil working together with Mark, the minister of our work there in Toledo. His name is Raphael. In due time, he will move to Talavera de la Reina or Aranjuez to open a new church there, together with his wife and their three children. Now, his family is having some problems with their visa because of the covid situation. Pray that the rest of the family will be able to come and stay with Raphael so that they can continue to serve the Lord here in Spain together.
The November 2021 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition leads with an article in memory of Pastor Basnet, who was the Nepal Clerk of Presbytery. Also included are reports from Glory Bible Church, Kenya; the electrical project in Uganda; NI Outreach Campaigns and Miss Margaret Russell’s retirement service. Click Here to view the magazine.
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