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The November 2021 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition leads with an article in memory of Pastor Basnet, who was the Nepal Clerk of Presbytery. Also included are reports from Glory Bible Church, Kenya; the electrical project in Uganda; NI Outreach Campaigns and Miss Margaret Russell’s retirement service. Click Here to view the magazine.
Children’s Work: We have had a few special events over the past months in connection with the children’s work.
1. Independence Day Celebration. Liberia’s Independence Day is July 26th, and although we had to restrict the numbers due to Covid guidelines, we were able to invite 20 of our most faithful attendees to an afternoon of games and food at the church. (We usually invite 120-150 children, from the church and the community.)
2. Vacation Bible School. Again, numbers were restricted this year (the usual attendance is 120-200 depending on venue), but we held VBS on August 23-27 for 30 children, handpicked according to attendance at the regular meetings and aged between 9-16 years. We had a very good week with them, studying Creation and spending a little time refuting some of the claims of evolutionists. Most high schools here, whether they claim to be Christian or not, use textbooks written from an evolutionary viewpoint. I was particularly encouraged by the children’s attention to what was a slightly more challenging topic than usual, and I was very grateful for the enthusiastic help I received from Rev. DiCanio and several men and young people from the church.
3. Children’s Work Training Seminar. In early August, 2021, we held two Saturday mornings of training for those people from the church who were going to be helping with VBS. Rev. DiCanio, Nathan Barco, and I taught on subjects such as Child Protection, How to Prepare and Teach a Children’s Bible Lesson, John Milton Gregory’s Seven Laws of Teaching, Qualifications for Children’s Workers, and How to Teach a Memory Verse – to name a few!

Christian School Pilot Project: Because of Covid delays, the 2020-2021 school year has not yet been completed in Liberia. Graduating seniors are still taking national exams throughout September, and the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year has been pushed back several times (currently we are being told it will be November). Due to this uncertainty, as well as the fact that our building is not yet ready, we have decided that it is not possible to start the preschool this year. So we are currently aiming for September 2022 as the start date.

General Mission and Church Work: God is continuing to bless the ministry of the Free Presbyterian Radio Station as His Word goes out 24 hours a day. Almost every Sunday, 2 or 3 radio listeners visit the church for the first time, and a small percentage of these visitors begin to attend regularly. The congregation was also encouraged when three young men witnessed to their conversions in recent years by being baptised in July.

Furlough: I am looking forward to a period of deputation in Northern Ireland, beginning in November 2021. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on these meetings.
It is hard to believe it has been over three months since we left. Life has been very busy here for us in Uganda. Adjusting back to life here with a little one hasn’t come without its challenges, but all is going well.

When we first arrived back everyone was excited to see us and of course to meet baby Rachel. Churches were open, the school was running with specific classes due to the Covid restrictions and we all hoped and expected that soon the school would be back in full swing as we returned from furlough, but sadly a month or so after arriving back, things across the country got worse and everything was closed again. But we trust and know that the Lord is over all and as a team we have had no shortage of other things to do regardless of the Covid-19 circumstances.

Hannah had been enjoying teaching at Sunday school again and was also busy in the office while looking after Rachel. Rachel has changed a lot in the last few months, but we are thankful to the Lord that He has kept her in perfect health even though both of us ended up being sick a little while back. We’re thankful that we are both back to normal and we are extremely grateful for all who prayed for us.

One of my main tasks for this period in Uganda was to renovate the guest house. Previously one bedroom, we have been able to turn it into a four-bedroom apartment and although it has been difficult to get supplies at times due to the restrictions we are working hard to get it completed so that it will be ready for use.

The renovation will include a newly configured layout with new plumbing, electrics, kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors, finished flooring, etc. You should be able to see some of the demolition work and a few of the new changes in the photos - Click here to view.

You will see the lower section of the building has been plastered to help combat damp from the porous brick and also we have completed the electrical first fix as well as the first coat of paint.

We have been busy with other smaller maintenance issues as well. This might not look like much, but the old chimneys for the school kitchen were so badly rusted that the wind was blowing a large proportion of the smoke back into the kitchen and therefore choking the school cook. This small fix required us to make box sections from a flat sheet of steel, so that the cook can regularly empty these chimney box sections from any ash which does not rise up and out of the chimney flue.

We thank you again for all the support and continued prayers. We very much appreciate it and look forward to sharing more of what the Lord would have us do here in the coming months.

We have also posted our Prayer requests on the Pray section

This is a Report from Andrew Foster – Missionary to Uganda 2017-2022
The July 2021 edition of Missionary Vision is available in the gallery section. This edition includes an article on the retirement of Miss Margaret Russell as Missionary to Kenya and a report on the Rev Wesley Graham Memorial Service, together with an update on the Emergency Aid Fund.

Click Here to view the magazine.
The United Children’s Camp has been running since the summer of 2014 under the FPC Mission Board. During those years the Camp has been conducted as a week-long, residential camp for children aged 7-12 years old.

However, due to the current restrictions surrounding Covid-19, we have decided to hold an online Zoom Camp for children across our churches, this year.

Dates: Monday 2nd - Friday 6th August 2021

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Age: 7-12 year olds

Because the meetings are being held via Zoom it is essential that the parents or guardians of those who wish to participate register their children before 30th June.

Registration is free and can be made by contacting Glenda at the Mission Board Office, on 028 4176 5574 or by email at office@fpcmission.org

Spaces are limited so please register as soon as you can.
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